Login Help

How do I login?

  • Access the appropriate login screen from your web browser. This will be a dedicated URL available via the World Wide Web.
  • Login field: Type your login name. This is typically your email address or it could be a system-generated company login. For example, james_jones@companyname.com.
  • Password: Type your password. This password will be either assigned to you or you will select a password when your user profile is created. If you do not have one, contact your software vendor representative.
  • Click Login.


  • Incorrect login: An error message displays telling you that you have an invalid login. Solution: You may have typed your login incorrectly. Retype it and click Login again. Do not type spaces in a login.
  • Invalid password: You did not type a password or the password is incorrect. The password field is a required field. Solution: You must type a password. Contact your software vendor representative for a password.
  • You do not know your password. Solution: Contact your software vendor representative to set up or find out what your password is.